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$49.95 inc. GST
These boots are ideal where dogs are working on hard or stony ground. The unique feature of the lace-up boot is the open design which allows the paw to breathe. (Sealing-up a paw in a boot leads to moisture build-up, further softening it.) The Lace-up boot incorporates holes in the toe to locate over the two centre nails of the paw. This, along with the lace-up feature, ensures these boots stay in place in all conditions and work activities your dog may encounter. Sold as a pair, medium-size only.
Made of tough water-resistant 1000-denier nylon, with a 1.2mm-thick flexible and skid-resistant sole and toe made from recycled tyres. These boots have a special foam insert which makes them comfortable to wear, but also creates a firm grip on the foot to prevent the boot falling off. Trialled successfully by NZ Customs dogs. These boots are the best that we have found. If wear occurs, repair with Shoe Goo. Dimension is max foot width for the size. Sold as set of 4 boots.
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$49.95 inc. GST
This protective slip-on boot is made from a soft moisture-absorbing inner material moulded over with a neoprene sole and toe. The boot is secured with simple Velcro closing straps. The Walkabout boot is ideal for wound management, or for protection against damage to the paw from stones, ice, or sharp material such as rubbish, glass, nails etc. Also gives good traction in wet conditions on hard surfaces. Size dimension is sole length. Supplied as each.