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$79.95 inc. GST
New Zealand manufactured vinyl-covered 240v heat pad ideal for monitored use in vet clinic companion animal surgery and recovery areas. Also useful and low-cost mat for home use. It is easily wiped clean, but is not recommended for heavy duty use. Size 52cm x 33cm o.a.
203 552
$219.00 $199.00 inc. GST
Our quality model 240v Pet Pad is manufactured in UK and whilst of similar size to our economy model, is much better made. In particular there is much more padding and insulation over the heating element, making the pad more comfortable for your animal. The vinyl material outer is also more durable, with the smooth surface being easier to clean. This mat has very low power consumption, and is designed to be left on day and night continuously. Heat is only generated when and where an animal remains in place on the pad. Dimensions are 43cm x 37cm o.a.
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214 412
$59.95 inc. GST
208 973
$279.00 $259.00 inc. GST
Strong plastic-backed waterproof fabric bands with self-adhesive tab. Can be written on with a waterproof marking pen to give reliable identification especially for patients of vet clinics, or clients of boarding facilities, etc. Also useful for tagging new-born lambs, kids, puppies, etc. Bands are 30cm long, and can be cut to required length.
220 730
$34.95 inc. GST
Purfleece is a special product from MDC UK. It consists of a latex-lined base with deep super-soft poly-fibre fleece top. These components will not absorb moisture, ensuring it runs right through, keeping the animal warm, dry, and comfortable. Purfleece liner is machine washable.
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220 344
$6.95 inc. GST
These are good-quality natural latex teats for feeding new-born kittens and puppies. Supplied as bare teat, or on a 50ml bottle ready to use. (Teat will fit any bottle with neck 15-18mm o.d.). A normal feed for a newborn is about 30ml. Do not overfeed. Bottle is supplied with cap so feed can be stored and transported leak free. NB: These teats are not pre-cut. Cut to suit.
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$279.00 inc. GST
Constructed of tough, reinforced nylon mesh, the Welbourn cat catcher bag provides a safer way to handle the most unruly small animals. The mesh bag can be opened or closed as quickly as needed simply by pulling the plastic-coated, kink resistant cable through the heavy-duty PVC pole handle.<0x2008>Pole length 98cm. Bag dimension 60cm x 90cm.
Store in the freezer for cold therapy use. Microwave or boil for heat therapy. Ideal for animal or human use. Size 25cm x 12cm. Weight 320gm. Instructions on back of pack. This pack is made from hard-wearing woven material, not simple plastic as some similar products are.
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$7.95 inc. GST
This kit is most suitable for nursing very small animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and small wildlife. It comprises a special 10ml capacity extended-tip syringe and three tiny nipples, each 4mm diameter x 30mm long. Cut a small slit in the nipple tip before use. Fill the syringe with milk substitute, glucose or water as required, and squeeze gently into the animal�??s mouth. Syringe and teats are washable and reusable. Sterilise before use.
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$12.95 inc. GST
Nice little nursing kit including: bottle, teat, spare teat and cleaning brush. Ideal for saving or raising kittens, piglets, puppies, rabbits or other small animals. Instructions supplied. Bottles have graduations marked, for exact feed quantities. Teats are of soft silicone rubber. Cut a small cross-slit in the teat before use. Bottle and teat are washable and reusable. For safety, sterilise each time before use. Teats are same size for both kits.