Tubbease was developed by Shoof International Ltd following the development of the concept by local farrier Erin Hampson-Tindale. Erin was trying to solve the problem of how to soak or poultice a hoof without 'stewing' it - as happened much of the time with other regular water-proof boots. With Tubbease, a variety of treatments, poultices or bandages can be applied with the hoof, or liquid treatment* can simply be poured in or over the whole sock once it is on the hoof. The 'breathability' of the Tubbease sock allows the liquid to enter and soak the hoof, but then also to drain and dry out. Tubbease is an excellent vehicle for treatment of injuries and diseases such as abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, cracks and fissures and general deterioration of the hoof._x000D_
*An easily-concocted remedy is two tablespoons of zinc-sulplate (available at vet or chemist) mixed into one litre of water. Epsom salts is another option. Apply as pictured._x000D_
NB: Tubbease should always be secured with the Velcro strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate. Replacement straps are available.
Our Tubbease Sole Insert is a simple disc of relatively-soft EVA material designed to be placed inside the Tubbease before application to the hoof. This insert cushions the hoof, reducing impact shock for very tender hooves. The insert is not intended for heavy or extended use.
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$49.95 inc. GST
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$49.95 inc. GST
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$49.95 inc. GST
�??Shoof�?� is a shoe-for-a-hoof. This product is used both to protect a hoof from injury, and to assist in the recovery of a hoof after treatment. Horse Shoof is a low-cost, highly reliable treatment for a wide range of hoof problems, including: seedy toe, stone bruising, excessive wear, splits, cracks, footrot, penetration, abscesses etc. The open design of the Shoof allows the hoof to �??breathe�?�, which is essential for fast recovery. Horse Shoof is supplied as a kit including copper-sulphate (bluestone) medication and a special bandage. These items have been especially developed to ensure successful treatment, even under extremely unfavourable conditions. (eg wet, and dirty paddocks or yards.) Horse Shoof can be re-used many times with our Shoof Refill-Kit components.
Quality nails. Made in Australia. (Dimension is nail length.)
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Straight rasp has two levels of coarse cut on one side and two levels of fine cut on the other. Smooth edges. Curved rasp has coarse cut on one side and fine cut on the other. Smooth edges. Size of both is 31cm long x 3cm wide.
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$35.95 inc. GST
203 616
$42.95 inc. GST
These rasps are good quality high-carbon steel. Very sharp for heavy-duty use. Plain model has 3 coarse faces and 1 fine, with rasp edges. Size 36cm x 4cm. Handle model has coarse cut one side and fine on other, with rasp edges. Nice plastic handle with useful hanging eye. Blade 36cm x 4cm.
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For rounding the sharp edge of the hoof after paring the sole. This prevents direct ground contact by the outer wall of the hoof. Blade 11cm long x 4cm wide.
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$17.50 inc. GST
Heller Rasps are for the professional farrier. The Legend has a large, open, tooth angle, making it most suitable for softer, damper horn material that tends to clog finer-tooth rasps. This rasp is ideal for sport horses that may be spending their time outside in sand and mud. The handle (sold separately) is solid plastic material with threaded collar cast inside. (Dimension is excluding tang.)
Heller Rasps are for the professional farrier. The Red Tang has a slightly finer tooth structure than the Legend. This is best for rasping hard, dry hooves, especially of thoroughbred-type horses, and for foals. The handle (sold separately) is solid plastic material with threaded collar cast inside. (Dimension is excluding tang.)