203 260
$5.95 inc. GST
Soft rubber grooming brush. Comfortable to use. Curry-comb type toothed rings.
207 750
$19.95 inc. GST
This comb features 4 sets of alternating tooth-and-plain bars. This is a top quality technical comb specially for equine use. All metal with black baked enamel finish. This comb is also very useful for cleaning grooming brushes.
203 267
$6.95 inc. GST
Polished aluminium comb especially for mane and tail use. Length 10cm o.a. Teeth 24mm long.
Mane and tail tooth pattern on a handle for even easier use! Cast alloy. Length 21cm o.a., head 10cm.
From Stone Mfg, USA, extra smoothly polished alloy comb, with wide spaced cleanly finished teeth ensuring no damage is done to hair. High quality comb with nice grip. 9cm long.
203 270
$23.95 inc. GST
203 271
$27.95 inc. GST
These circular spiral combs are reversible, offering a choice of tooth pattern. The teeth on one side are smoothly rounded for thin coated animals, while on the other side are the sharp fitch-type teeth for thick or shedding coats. Two combs for the price of one! Popular world wide. Dimension is comb diameter.
203 278
$67.95 inc. GST
Alternating short and long round-tooth design is ideal for use on thick-hair coats. The long teeth fluff hairs close to the body, with minimum pull and comb lines. The short teeth add body to the coat. Width 9�?� (23cm). Stone Mfg, USA.
203 280
$69.95 inc. GST
The skip-tooth design eases combing through the thickest coats, to produce a professional look. Also reduces hair loss. Adds fluff and pop. Quality US manufactured Franklin comb. Round-tooth. Width 9�?� (23cm). Stone Mfg, USA.
As above but with aluminium handle for a longer life, especially when left in a bucket of water! Round teeth, quality comb, 6�?� (10cm) and 9�?� (15cm) width. Stone Mfg, USA.
Quality round-tooth alloy comb with convenient wooden T handle. Long teeth for quick combing and good hair separation. Available in 6 inch (10cm) and 9 inch (15cm) models. Stone Mfg, USA.