Very small push-operated water nipple with 1/8�?� NPT. Suitable for installation in any square or round metal or plastic pipes (see pipe saddles this page.) Very light action, closed by water pressure only. No spring or O-ring. Length 4cm o.a. All stainless steel.
All stainless steel nipple with incorporated spring clip attachment and water coupling. To install, simply hook attachment clip over a cage wire, and stretch spring down to engage a lower wire. Extremely lightweight nipple for very small animals. Tube spigot is 5.4mm o.d. Nipple can be disassembled by hand for cleaning.
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$17.95 inc. GST
An extremely strong water or food bowl for attachment to any cage wall with the wing-nut-operated clamp that works vertically or horizontally. The bowl is then removed as required for cleaning or filling, by a simple quarter-turn. Suitable for any pets, poultry or small animals. Bowl 12cm diameter. Capacity 550ml.
Nicely made polyethylene cups with built-in cage hooks. Dimension is length of cup. From Little Giant, USA.
These bird water and feed bowls have a lift-up lid for easy filling and cleaning. Cover reduces waste to minimum, and keeps food and water clean. 2-place bowl is 15cm wide and 6cm deep. Capacity 550ml. 3-place bowl is 25cm wide and 8cm deep. Capacity 1 litre.
Wire or cage-hang bowl for water or feed. Inner �??lip�?? to reduce spillage. Available open or divided. Width 16cm, Depth 5cm, Capacity 400ml.
Very simple water and feed bowl for small animals. Bowl features upper edge inner �??lip�?? to reduce feed spillage. Cage hooks incorporated. Width 12cm. Depth 5cm. Capacity 300ml.
Very small push-operated drip nipple with 1/8�?� NPT thread. Suitable for installation using pipe saddles this page. Very light action, closed by water pressure only. No spring or O-ring. Length 34mm o.a. Plastic and stainless steel.