Leg Splints

When a calf is born with a contracted flexor tendon, the fetlock joint is caused to knuckle under, causing serious limitation to the mobility of the calf. The BOS splint is applied to the back of the leg, with the splint bottom edge at ground level. With application of the splint the calf should have normal mobility immediately. Remove the splint after 4-5 days. Splint lengths listed above. NB: The BOS splint can be slightly modified to suit the leg by use of a hot air gun. Be sure to note �??TOP�?? marking on splint.
-->This valuable product was developed in New Zealand by veterinarian Guy Oakley. It is used in cases of calving paralysis which commonly cause knuckling-under of one, or sometimes both hind legs. The BOS splint is simply applied to the back of the leg using the special adhesive elastic bandage included in the kit. The splint bottom should be at ground level. Generally application of the BOS splint will allow the animal normal mobility almost immediately after application. The small splint is suitable for Jersey or smaller Friesian cows, and the large splint for larger Friesian or Holstein cows and the x-large for very large Holstein. Leave the splint in place from 4-7 days, depending on the severity of the condition. In all cases the splint can be moulded somewhat to the individually required shape by use of a heat gun or hair dryer. The BOS splint can be reused with a new bandage. Dimension length o.a. Consult your veterinarian for further advice. NB: Administration of anti-inflammatories at initial splint application may also be beneficial. Consult your veterinarian.
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These reusable ABS splints have been designed primarily for correcting flexed pastern (knuckle under) of the calf. They are usually required as a pair due to the knuckling of both front feet but we do supply as a single splint if required. The splints come with internal padding and are applied close to ground level to straighten out the pastern joint. It is designed for use on front of the leg. The three Velcro straps secure them to the legs. Splints can be washed and reused. Leave in place for two to four weeks, or until the condition is cured. Splints are 22cm long, and weigh only 70gm each.