Mating & Castration

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The Farmhand Chin-Ball Mating Harness was developed in New Zealand, and is used around the world for identifying mated cows. The robust harness/halter has a cone-shaped device underneath which contains a freely-rotating ball, working on the same principle as a ball-pen. The stainless-steel container can be filled with ink of the desired colour. Each fill is enough to mark 25-30 cows (approx. 0.5 litre). When a cow is properly in season she will receive very clearly identifiable back markings from the bull (or cow) wearing the device. Marks fade in 4 to 14 days. We suggest changing colours on a 3 week cycle, to prevent any confusion. Ink is available in 1 litre containers. Ink is oil-based.
High quality stainless steel tool from Aesculap of Germany. This is a smaller castrator, most suitable for calves or foals, and ideal for use by vets with smaller hands. Serrated-edge blades, with tension adjuster. Length 19cm o.a.
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These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market, with production being continually monitored and tested. Consistency and reliability are guaranteed. See our range of ring applicators below.
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The Willis spaying technique enables intra-vaginal or �passage� spaying. The large-cow size is mostly required for exotic or tropical breeds. These stainless steel tools are specially manufactured for the purpose. Dimensions are hole length x width in mm. _x000D_
NB: This technique should only be performed by professional operators.
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The California Bander was developed in USA to give breeders a low-cost tool for achieving delayed castration of bull calves. The California bander is the lowest cost, simplest and easiest tool to use for this task. Delayed castration allows bull calves to grow faster on the natural testosterone produced by retaining their testicles for longer. To apply the bands the tool is grasped by the left hand as pictured above. The band clip is fitted into the small slot in the top of the tool. The testicles are grasped firmly against the tool and the band is pulled tightly around the scrotal sac and down into the V-notch of the clip. Let go of the sac and the clip frees from the tool. The task is complete. A demonstration DVD is supplied with each Bander and is also available free on request.
This tool from USA is for the purpose of ensuring bulls can achieve the fastest possible growth rates, without need of artificial hormonal growth promotants. (Proven 15% improvements.) They are then easily and humanely castrated at the latest appropriate stage. The Callicrate Bander can be used on larger animals to quickly, cleanly, non-surgically and most importanthumanely remove the testicles. Bull management can be modified to castrate nearer maturity maximising the growth induced by natural testosterone. The procedure is based on the use of a strong rubber cord inserted into a patented application device. The cord is stretched over the scrotum before being tightened by a ratchet mechanism and then locked firmly into position using a metal clip. With a little practice the procedure is both faster and safer than using a knife or other castration instruments. ** The Bander kit includes Bander tool, loop cutter, 5 loops and demonstration video, all supplied in a sturdy kit box.
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Kamer is a recognised European brand. These forged steel emasculators are of very good quality but at reasonable prices. Knee pad is aid to use of tool but fits only the 34cm and larger tools. Use emasculator to crush one spermatic cord at a time, making two crushes on each, about 1-2cm apart, for 5 minutes each crush. (Do not crush both cords at the same time, as this may be ineffective, and may damage the emasculator.) Fine-adjustment tool is supplied with each emasculator._x000D_
23cm: For lambs and piglets_x000D_
30cm and 34cm: For large sheep to small bulls_x000D_
40cm: For cattle_x000D_
48cm: For large bulls and horses_x000D_
NB: These tools are for use only by experienced herdsmen, or under supervision of a veterinarian. The emasculators are not adjustable.