Ear Tattoos

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207 602
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207 601
$199.00 inc. GST
A 3/8� tattoo digit is suitable for all animals, sheep or cattle. It produces a digit 10mm tall. Six and 8 place pliers have digits in two rows of 3 and 4 places. For 6 and 8 place special blocks, order two x 3 or 4 place blocks. To identify if your tattoo plier is Short Pin or Long Pin, look for an �S� or an �L� stamped on the inside of one handle.
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207 741
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Hayes tattoo pliers have double-action leverage. This ensures good penetration of pins, essential for good tattoo quality, without physical strain. Digits are located in individual recesses. The 10-place plier is unique, using two rows of 5 digits, enabling both ownership and herd-number identification, in one application. All-stainless steel tools._x000D_
*Blank is required in the 10-space plier only, to prevent digits mislocating.
Thick tattoo paste in a tube for easy handling and application. Green is best colour for clear tattoos on any colour animal, and especially dogs with dark skin. Collapsable metal tube.
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$12.95 inc. GST
206 664
$17.95 inc. GST
Black and green thick tattoo paste made in Germany by Raidex. Excellent quality at a good price. Green ink is recommended for use on darker coloured skin. Collapsable metal tube.
Specially developed by Stone Manufacturing Co, this tattoo outfit features the smallest-available 5mm (3/16�?�) digits. These are the correct size for marking piglets under one week old, or new-born pups, etc. Four digits cover 22mm and six digits cover 32mm width. ** 4-space available on indent order only.
206 661
$179.00 inc. GST
Same widely used tattoo as the Standard Outfit, but without ear release. Holds 4 of standard 3/8�?� (10mm) digits in 2�?� (50mm) space. Supplied in a sturdy box complete with 3oz black ink and set of 0-9 digits.
206 655
$179.00 inc. GST
This tattoo was designed to get 4 or 6 of 5/16-->�?� (8mm) special �??Pet�?� digits into a smaller space than standard tattoo pliers, especially for use on piglets, small dogs, kids etc. 4 space = 1���?� (32mm), 6 space = 2�?� (50mm).