Udder Singe

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$225.00 inc. GST
Eliminating excess udder hair significantly reduces the amount of mud and manure accumulating on the udder. This dirt can be a significant cause of environmental mastitis and milk contamination. Udder Singe uses a low-temperature butane flame to burn hair away in 1-2 seconds, without causing any pain or damage to udder or teats tissue. Singing of udder hair is common practice in the northern hemisphere. The Shoof Udder Singe is supplied complete with a 630ml canister of mixed gas. The wand is 75cm long with a plastic grip. The flame is controlled with an adjustable valve, to produce a �??lazy yellow flame�?? which will not burn the udder (This flame can be tested by running your hand through it). Extra gas is available from Shoof. Regular �??camping�?? type gas may cause malfunction of the wand. One can of gas should singe 300-400 cows.