Milking Accessories

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For separating one quarter from the other three quarters in cases of colostrum, haemorrhage and high cell count (and antibiotic contamination where regulations allow). Guaranteed unbreakable. Easy to clean. All antibiotic contaminated milk should be dumped, but the other three quarters should be suitable for calf rearing (or for sale where regulations allow). Our 8 litre Quartermilker features a low-profile non-capsize design and specially moulded soft rubber tubes which allow the cow plenty of free movement whilst milking. Large 9cm neck opening. All parts available. Instructions for use included.
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Eliminating excess udder hair significantly reduces the amount of mud and manure accumulating on the udder. This dirt can be a significant cause of environmental mastitis and milk contamination. Udder Singe uses a low-temperature butane flame to burn hair away in 1-2 seconds, without causing any pain or damage to udder or teats tissue. Singing of udder hair is common practice in the northern hemisphere. The Shoof Udder Singe is supplied complete with a 630ml canister of mixed gas. The wand is 75cm long with a plastic grip. The flame is controlled with an adjustable valve, to produce a �??lazy yellow flame�?? which will not burn the udder (This flame can be tested by running your hand through it). Extra gas is available from Shoof. Regular �??camping�?? type gas may cause malfunction of the wand. One can of gas should singe 300-400 cows.
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Summer flies are a real pain. They come into the shed with the herd and then hang about in the shade of the milking area, biting cows and people alike. For many years farmers have tried various garden-sprinkler systems to reduce flies and heat. But these are generally employed in the yard, rather than on the milking platform. Cool Cow is the new fly and heat control system from the young New Zealand company Pesky Ideas. Cool Cow is the whole kit you need. It includes 65m of 4mm-i.d. heavy-wall plastic delivery line, plus all the fittings required to plumb it from your washdown pump pressure line. The plastic line is routed around the milking platform, herring bone, or rotary. It is then cut at regular points for the push-fit mister couplings to be installed (up to 30 of). A line cutting tool is supplied. The brass misters are then screwed into the couplings. A main tap and line filter are supplied. With the main tap on, the mist system operates as the yard pump is turned on and off as required. Cool Cow is a great system for control of biting flies, and also for keeping cows cool and comfortable in the dairy. You will see immediate reduction in cow fidgeting, tail swinging, and cups kicked off.
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We think these buckets are the best available for the farmer. They are made from 0.6mm 202-grade stainless steel and have a large diameter �??chime�?? (stand) which makes the bucket more stable, prevents denting of the bottom, and gives a grip to enable controlled pouring from the bucket. Also very well priced. Dimensions (neck width x height o.a.): 7L = 250mm x 290mm; 10L =270mm x 320mm; 13L = 320mm x 330mm.
Seamless 202-grade stainless steel. Pressed seamless bottom (without grip ring). Sturdy handles which fold outwards to enhance stacking. Lids cover bucket entirely, ensuring debris on top does not enter when removing lid. Finger ring on top folds down. These are very nice buckets at a very good price. (Not volume graduated.) Dimensions (neck width x height o.a.): 7L = 23cm x 21cm; 10L = 26cm x 25cm; 17L = 28cm x 27cm.
Seamless 202-grade stainless steel. Pressed seamless bottom. Sturdy handles fold outwards to enhance stacking. Lids cover bucket entirely, ensuring debris on top does not enter when removing lid. Finger ring on top folds down. Dimensions (neck width x height o.a.): 3.5L = 19cm x 17cm; 5L = 22cm x 20cm.
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These stainless buckets are spun, rather than pressed, allowing them to be made of thicker metal. The buckets are heavier and more robust than other models. They feature internal volume graduations. Dimensions (neck opening x height o.a.): 12L = 29cm x 27cm, 15L = 30cm x 27cm. Food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.
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Non-mercury kerosene-column glass thermo��meter encased in a plastic cage for protection. Hang-loop at top. Scale -10°C to 120°C. Length 31cm o.a.