Goat Specialties

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Even experienced breeders will find this simple rotating chart handy. Just set the inner disc to breeding date, and all other important dates are indicated. Calendar is 22cm square o.a. All waterproof materials.
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A distinctive sound in the countryside in many northern hemisphere countries is the ubiquitous cow, goat and sheep bell. Now we are offering these here. Our first model is a simple brass coloured steel goat bell, 65mm wide, and 75mm deep. Suitable for a collar up to 40mm wide. Use one of our goat collars, or get a nice leather one to look the part. These bells have a distinctive sound.
These are really dog boots, but customers have been using them very successfully on goats and sheep. They are made of very tough water-resistant synthetic material, with thick rubberised sole. Velcro closure. Can be removed and re-used. Treatment can be put inside. We suggest these are not left on longer than 2 or 3 days, as deterioration of the hoof could occur. Dimension is maximum hoof width for the size. Supplied each.
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Quick Straps are the easiest of all leg straps to use, and are the most visible on the cow. The protruding end of the Quick Strap is like a �??flag�?? waving on the cow�??s leg. The Quick Strap is removed simply by pressing the release button! For added safety we recommend using Quick Straps on both legs of antibiotic treated cows. Quick Straps are not supplied pre-printed. Marking pens will give temporary marks suitable for short-term notices if required. Sold as each.
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Goat: weights up to 88kg (105cm girth).
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Long lasting nylon collars, flexible and reliable. Triple stitched to take hard wearing. Extra welded O-ring for tie-ups. Kid: 16mm wide x 40cm long to suit up to 3-4 months. Doe: 25mm wide x 55cm long with extra eyelets to suit smaller animals. Buck: 25mm wide x 65cm long also fits large doe.
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Unbreakable solid nylon tags available blank (white).Hole is 19mm suitable for plastic chains, or narrow collars. Tag is a big 9cm x 5cm. Mark with regular ear tag pen (both sides).
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Includes advice on feeding, housing and caring for the pregnant goat, how to spot the early signs of kidding, assisted and unassisted births, and how to care for the mother and newborn kid. Approx 63 minutes. 1995.
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Shows breeds and housing, and gives specific instructions for procedures such as feeding. milking, mating and general maintenance. Includes essential healthcare routines. Approx 48 minutes. 1996.