Lambing & Rearing

Bearing retainers of this type, for use in cases of vaginal or uterine prolapse in ewes, have been around for many years. Usually they feature tie strings or tape for securing the retainer to the wool of the ewe. This can be a tedious process. We have developed the 'Protainer'. This tool features locking clips at each end which are clipped onto the wool. Protainer is applied in seconds, is 100% secure, and is easily removed. Pack of 4 pieces. Registered Design NZ 416420.
This support is used to help prevent prolapse before or after lambing. Once inserted into the vagina it can be tied to the fleece to retain. Or use a piece of old baling twine, to secure in place with a loop around the front legs (under neck) and back to the retainer. Even when used prior to birthing, the exit of the lamb will push the retainer clear. Sterilise and use a lubricant before insertion. Pack of 4 supports complete with tie tapes.
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$36.95 inc. GST
Protect new-born lambs. Reduce deaths, improve growth rate. One size fits all. Pull over head and pop legs through. Bright colour to locate easily.
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$14.95 inc. GST
Useful tool for assisting lambing, calving hinds, or other small animal births. Snare can be put over head or leg, pulled tight, then lamb pulled gently out. A simple trouble-free device. Plastic and nylon for long life with no maintenance. Length 37cm o.a.
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$21.95 inc. GST
The Gambrel restrainer is the ideal way to simply and humanely restrain any sheep. It can be used again and again, and is ideal for foot trimming, lambing, transportation, and any holding job. Sheep can still even feed when restrained. To apply, hold the sheep on its side and hook the restrainer on to one front leg. Pull the restrainer over the nape of the neck and hook in other leg. The cord is then slipped under the neck and into the special side hooks. Dead easy. The Gambrel restrainer can also be used on goats and calves. Supplied as each.
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$11.95 $9.95 inc. GST
For administering emergency colostrum or electrolytes direct into the stomach, using a 60ml syringe and a 35cm-long 16Fg PVC stomach tube. Tube is specially made with side delivery ports to ensure safe flow into the stomach. Ideal for new-born lambs and kids. Use with care.
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$10.95 inc. GST
Specially made stainless steel pins for closure of vulva after vaginal prolapse replacement. This method can be quicker and easier than usual suture methods. Pin is 7.5cm o.a. with 4cm clear shank. Thoroughly wash and disinfect the vulva area, and the pin, before use. Consult a veterinarian for advice.
Big, sharp, double-curved suture needles ideal for use with our umbilical or vaginal tapes (see this page). Needle eye is 6mm long x 1.4mm wide. Needles are 13cm (5�?�) long. Supplied in 12-pack only.
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$42.95 inc. GST
For tying-off the umbilicus, or suturing vaginal prolapse. The Jorvet tape is braided polyester, 3mm wide x 18m long, easily extracted from the resealable plastic pottle. This is the finest of our vaginal tapes selection and also the most economical.
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$19.95 inc. GST
Specially made vaginal suture needles suitable for ewe prolapse suture, using tapes as above. We recommend the Aesculap and quality versions. Use with care. Discuss procedure with your veterinarian.
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The Sheep Cuff was invented and developed by South Australian sheep breeder Peter Durack in the early 1990s. It is a simple device to quickly and conveniently immobilise a sheep. The two front legs and one back leg are slipped into the cuff which is then snapped closed. Very useful when a sheep needs checking or treatment (e.g. flystrike) to ensure it stays where you want it to. The Standard cuff will fit larger lambs (10 weeks or more), hoggets and ewes. The Ram cuff is suitable for Rams and large crossbreds. Dimension is length o.a.
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$34.95 inc. GST
Macwells fostering oil has been around for many years, and is relied on by sheep breeders throughout New Zealand. The special oil formulation is highly concentrated. Squeeze just a few drops on the ewe�??s nose, and the lamb�??s head and tail. Keep ewe and lamb separate from other similarly treated pairs. Use to mother-up orphan lambs or lamb-less ewes. Bottle of 40ml. Use sparingly.