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This brush was developed in Scandinavia for keeping pigs happy in groups. It may help to relieve boredom, and random biting and fighting, but it certainly helps combat itching and insects. Mount securely at the right height, depending on size of pigs. They should be able to massage their head, back and flanks. The brushes are replaceable. Very robust. Galvanised spring and frame. Brushes are each 43cm x 10cm. Also very useful for calves for the same reasons as pigs.
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From Vink, Holland, this device is very useful for adding material to bedding in housing or barns, for everything from cattle to pigs to chickens. The spreader is powered by a cordless drill (not supplied). It will spread most bedding materials and/or additives. Additives can be pre-mixed with sawdust to give good spread over large areas. The sawdust spreader will spread lime if mixed up to 50% with sawdust. But the lime spreader should be used for higher concentrations of lime. The output can be controlled. Strong corrosion-free plastic construction. User is clear of dust throw. The lime spreader is a smaller machine, with a reduced outflow. It is not really suitable for sawdust and higher-volume usage. A shoulder strap carries the weight of the spreader. Capacity 10kg. NB: Drill is not supplied with either spreader.
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Pig: measures both body length and girth to get more accurate measure. Weights from 125lb to 260lb (53-118kg) but available in imperial only.