Water Nipples

213 686
$6.95 inc. GST
213 687
$10.95 inc. GST
Standard-quality versions of our 15mm and 20mm �??fattener�?? water nipples. Fine-mesh domed filter. Three flow-rate settings.
213 688
$5.45 inc. GST
Standard-quality version of our 15mm �??piglet�?? water nipple. Fine-mesh domed filter. Three flow-rate settings.
207 160
$8.45 inc. GST
Machined in one piece with hexagon nut for easy servicing. Light action for piglets. Standard 15mm (���?� BSP) fitting. Suit 15 to 50 psi. Fine mesh domed filter for best service. Adjustable flow rate.
207 167
$19.95 inc. GST
Our smallest nipple, with very light valve action, suitable for new-born piglets ���?� (6mm) BSP fitting.
207 136
$45.95 inc. GST
This bowl is pressed out of one piece of stainless steel plate, then the stainless drop-pipe is welded in and the stainless nipple attached. Very simple and reliable, and a very good price. Nipple incorporates flow adjustment and filter. ���?� (15mm) fitting. Bowl size is 9cm x 7cm.
207 120
$99.95 inc. GST
Simple push-button operation is trouble free, and leaves the bowl clear for easy removal of straw or dirt. Integral flow control in valve. Cast iron bowl with brass valve. Bowl opening 12cm x 15cm.
Heavy duty galvanised cast iron angle brackets with strong mounting plate. Securing holes of 8mm diameter at 55mm (15mm) and 60mm (20mm) spacing. Angled as listed above (as degrees below horizontal, if mounted vertically).
Good quality stainless steel 45 brackets to suit 15mm and 20mm water nipples. Mounting dimensions: 15mm bracket holes 55mm centres, 20mm bracket holes 60mm centres. Holes 8mm diameter.
208 919
$11.95 inc. GST
208 920
$14.95 inc. GST
Combination stainless and brass water nipples with hexagon nut. Heavy duty. Filter and flow rate adjuster incorporated.