Bird Traps

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Large round cage trap with 4 entrances. A separate central round cage area is for placement of bait or decoy bird*. Each entrance is a separate compartment where bird cannot escape, or eat bait or decoy. Up to 4 birds can be caught at one time. Trap should be placed in an open area, not under a tree. The bait or decoy is the most important element of this trap. (See box this page) Dimensions: 80cm diameter x 32cm high. All metal construction. Trap is supplied flat-packed, including clips, pliers and instructions required for assembly._x000D_
*Ideally a live magpie from a different area� is used. This can be fed, watered and covered in the central cage for short periods as others are caught.
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The Small Bird trap should be set up between 1.6m and 1.8m above ground on a wood pole or post. Suitable bait is placed in the small central tray (grains or bread, etc). As soon as the bird lands and moves the bait tray, the spring loaded mesh hoop flies over trapping the bird which is not killed or hurt. Can be used to catch magpie to use as decoy in Magpie Trap. Dimensions are overall. Steel construction with nylon capture mesh.