Calf Cover Farmhand Jute

Calf Cover Farmhand Jute products

Calf Cover Farmhand Jute 68cm (to 60kg)
215 388
$29.95 inc. GST
Calf Cover Farmhand Jute 88cm (to 120kg)
218 049
$39.95 inc. GST
There is a long tradition of using jute for calf covers. The material is warm and strong, with lots of trapped air for insulation and breathability. Our product development team have designed their new Farmhand cover to be quick and easy to fit. There is no neck strap. Just pull on over the head like a jersey, then secure the hind strap. (Dimension is length along back of cover.)
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Covered Calves Grow Faster

In a U.S. trial on dairy calves in cold conditions (North Dakota), covered calves added 2.75kg live weight more than uncovered calves in their first three weeks. Covered beef calves added 17kg more weight than their uncovered companions, in their first 17 weeks.

Therapeutic Use

It should be noted that some of our calf and cow covers are designed for therapeutic use rather than everyday wear. As over-heating can also be a problem for animals, the covers should be changed for standard 'canvas' type covers once recovery of body temperature is achieved, or weather becomes warmer.

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