Cow Cover Thermal Emergency

Cow Cover Thermal Emergency products

Cow Cover Thermal Emerge Small Jersey
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$379.00 inc. GST
Cow Cover Thermal Emerge Large Friesian
217 640
$399.00 inc. GST
These covers have been produced especially for cases of thermal emergency in dairy cows, for example after traumatic calving, accident or injury, etc. The cover external is made of heavy duty rip-stop cotton-canvas which allows breathability, thus reducing internal moisture build-up, at the same time as being highly waterproof. Internally the cover has 6mm of woven polyester covered with a smooth and hard wearing lining material. This combination gives excellent heat retention for the cow, ensuring body heat recovery in a short time.
NB: This is a cover for therapeutic emergency use, and should be used with caution on an animal with normal body temperature.
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Covered Calves Grow Faster

In a U.S. trial on dairy calves in cold conditions (North Dakota), covered calves added 2.75kg live weight more than uncovered calves in their first three weeks. Covered beef calves added 17kg more weight than their uncovered companions, in their first 17 weeks.

Therapeutic Use

It should be noted that some of our calf and cow covers are designed for therapeutic use rather than everyday wear. As over-heating can also be a problem for animals, the covers should be changed for standard 'canvas' type covers once recovery of body temperature is achieved, or weather becomes warmer.

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