Prodder DuraProd Rechargeable

Prodder DuraProd Rechargeable products

Prodder DuraProd Recharge 59cm cpt
210 475
$699.00 inc. GST
Prodder DuraProd Recharge 85cm cpt
210 476
$699.00 inc. GST
Prodder DuraProd Recharge Handle only
210 479
$339.00 inc. GST
Prodder DuraProd Recharge Power Pack
210 480
$199.00 inc. GST
Prodder Hot-Shot Recharger only 240 volt
205 242
$59.95 inc. GST
Prodder DuraProd Recharge Base only
210 481
$99.00 inc. GST
Prodder DuraProd Replt Batt Pack cpt
210 471
$99.00 inc. GST
The Rechargeable DuraProd is the premium prodder available in the world today. This unit features state-of-the-art technology incorporated in the most intelligently designed prodder available. The unit is light and powerful, and will withstand the worst conditions of use. All previous model Hot-Shot shafts will fit the new model. If you require a longer shaft (110cm, 130cm) it is best to purchase the handle unit only, and the shaft of your choice. The NiCad rechargeable power pack is interchangeable with the standard DuraProd battery pack, which can be ideal as a back-up.
NB: Base unit, charger unit or power lead are not included with the prodder. These must be purchased separately. Both the 240v charger and the 12v vehicle lead from previous ‘Green’ model Hot-Shot prodders, are compatible with DuraProd.
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