Beds & Cages

218 985
$32.95 inc. GST
218 984
$32.95 inc. GST
218 983
$32.95 inc. GST
Nicely made polyethylene-moulded bed with specially made cushion - one side 100% cotton for pet comfort, and the other 80% polyester for hard wearing. The base is recessed to give some insulation from cold flooring or concrete. Four small soft feet prevent the bed from sliding around too easily. (Dimensions are actual internal pet space, not overall size).
218 981
$89.95 inc. GST
218 980
$89.95 inc. GST
Stylish travel capsule for your pet. This space-age room has been carefully designed to fulfil all the needs of the travelling pet and its owner. The capsule is all-plastic. The whole thing can be opened in half for easy cleaning. There is plenty of ventilation; the floor is raised to stay clear of any urine or faeces. A nice big lockable door opens for entry and exit, and a nifty little water feed bottle is incorporated (and can be removed). Topped off with a comfortable carry handle. Size overall is 50cmL x 38cmW x 35cm (including handle and water bottle). Flat bed size is 35cmL x 29cmW.
219 345
$355.00 inc. GST
This very lightweight transport cage (only 7kg) is IATA (International Air Transport Association) compliant. Suitable for dogs up to 25kg. There is lots of ventilation through large front and side doors, plus a wire window and back vents. The latch system is ‘jiggle-proof’ for maximum security. Rugged polypropylene cage withstands rigours of regular travel and freight. Top carry handle. Dimensions are 56W x 81L x 56H
NB: This cage needs minor assembly on receipt. (No tools required.)
NB2: As all airlines have their own rules in regard to carrying pets, you must contact before travelling.
212 242
$179.00 inc. GST

The Crown Pet & Pigeon carrier has both a top door and an end door. It also features a slide-out dirt tray. Making it ideal for transport of small animals or birds. Internal height is 24cm clear. Folded height is 14cm o.a. Both the end door and the top hatch have spring-loaded catches. A comfortable carrying handle is incorporated in the top panel. Dimensions are 69cm L x 49cm W x 29cm H.