220 810
$19.95 inc. GST
Simply fill with dog (or cat) treats. Set disc opening to desired flow. Let your pet amuse itself for hours, and get a snack at the same time. Ball 11cm diameter.
215 574
$39.95 inc. GST
215 573
$39.95 inc. GST
These water and dry-food towers from Little Giant USA automatically dispense continuous supply into the sturdy plastic base. Both towers are 27cm high x 16cm diameter. These are good quality items that will last many years. Use indoors or outdoors.
High quality stainless steel bowls ideal for feeding the pet, or lots of other uses. Good thing about these ones is that (the smaller ones anyway) will go in the dishwasher. And they are all easy to pick up, handle, and clean. The ‘double sets’ are supplied complete with a stainless steel stand (which will also go in the dishwasher). The dimension is the clear internal diameter at top of bowl.
High quality stainless steel bowls with big rubber trimmed flange area to make them very hard for your pet to push around. Shaped inside for easy cleaning. Dimension is the clear internal diameter at the top of the bowl.
220 731
$119.00 inc. GST
Quality Pet lodge (USA) all-galvanised ad-lib dog feeder. Safely store dry food and dispense from the same chew-proof container. Magnetised door stays shut until your dog nudges it open. Thus there is no waste or unwanted pests accessing it. Angled chute delivers steady food flow on demand. Wall mount. Delivered fully assembled in carton. Capacity 11kg. Dimensions 28cmD x 30cmW x 57cmH.
220 735
$10.95 inc. GST
220 736
$13.95 inc. GST
Glazed ceramic bowls in random colours. Labelled so your cat won’t miss it.
Ceramic bowls are more practical, as well as better looking than plastic or steel bowls. Ceramic bowls are heavier, so do not get pushed around so much. The curved-in top edge reduces spillage. Less food on the floor. A better food or water bowl for your pet. Easy to heat food in, and to clean. Dimension is width o.a.
220 732
$11.95 inc. GST
220 733
$14.95 inc. GST
220 734
$22.95 inc. GST
Heavy Weight ceramic bowls in discreet off-white colour, labelled so your dog wont miss it.
Especially suitable for older dogs who do not eat so easily at floor level. This unit has two 2.8-litre, 25cm-diameter, stainless-steel bowls. These are mounted each side of a steel frame, where they can be moved up and down, from floor-level to 45cm high. Frame feet are adjustable to cope with uneven floors. Also very useful where trying to separate food for different size dogs.
220 740
$10.95 inc. GST
220 741
$14.95 inc. GST
220 742
$21.95 inc. GST
Now something a little more stylish. Pristine white melamine base with stainless steel bowl insert. Separate to wash. Dishwasher proof. Scratch-resistant. Non-tip, non-skid base.
Something a little more stylish for your best friend. Non-skid, non-tip. Easy-to-clean shape.
213 082
$6.95 inc. GST
This handy collapsible bowl will hold up to 1.5 litres of dry feed or water. Diameter 19cm.