Collars & Chains

Traditional heavy duty drovers-type dog collars. Also suitable for goats, calves or other animals. Quality leather with heavy duty fittings.
Made from double-layer double-stitched nylon webbing with heavy duty nickel-plated hardware. The unique feature about these collars is the thick padded neoprene backing to contact your dog’s neck. Be kind to your dog. Black only.
202 058
$10.95 inc. GST
202 059
$16.95 inc. GST
202 060
$14.95 inc. GST
Traditional galvanised knotted dog chain with loop-and-toggle attachment system - proven over 80 years. The new idea these chains do have is a swivel thing in the middle, to stop any tangles. Galvanised snap hook. Handy chain to attach on anything up to 8cm diameter. ‘Tested’ is tested breakage point.
Kerbl (Germany) Miami collars are made of strong nylon webbing with plastic safety-clip buckles. They are water and dirt repellant. Length is adjustable.
211 203
$31.90 inc. GST
211 204
$36.80 inc. GST
This combination of collar and chain is widely used by stockman and drovers. The 50cm galvanised chain is looped around the dog’s neck, with the collar. When the dog is needed to be secured the chain clip is unhooked and clipped to wherever the dog is required to stay. No messing around with tethers and chains. It is always right there.
Our stockman collars are for working dogs. Made from 25mm-wide double-layer double-stitched nylon webbing. They will never break. Guaranteed. As well as strong construction, these collars feature a heavy duty two-bar nickel-plated buckle. A unique feature is placement of the clip-on ring before the buckle, rather than after it. This centralises the pull onto the collar and the dog’s neck. Also, the clip-on ring is a substantial 36mm diameter, 5mm section, making clip-on easy, even in the dark. Colours: black, blue, red. (Choices not always possible)
211 200
$14.95 inc. GST
Made from heavy duty galvanised 3.5mm induction-welded chain. Length 40cm o.a.
202 169
$16.95 inc. GST
This tether features double swivel clips for dog comfort, ease of use and safety. Length 64cm o.a.
210 667
$25.95 inc. GST
Our Universal Dog Tether has two clips joining to a central ring. One end can be secured around almost anything under 50cm circumference, and the other 30cm lead to your dog.
Elizabethan collars are the standard device used to prevent small animals biting or chewing on wounds, injuries, treatments or bandages. The Genia Greencol is special as it is made from 80% recycled, transparent polypropylene. It is also 100% recyclable. The size dimension is the length of the collar from neck to rim. Use the circumference dimension to check the size collar most suitable for your pet. The collar needs to slip just neatly over the head of the animal when assembled. To prepare, engage the end clips to create a cone (smooth side inwards) Create the neck collar loops, then slide the assembled collar over the animal’s head. Thread the animal’s neck collar through the Elizabethan collar loops, and secure together on the animal. (Instructions supplied with collar.) Reverse procedure to remove. Manufactured and supplied by Genia, France.
See demonstration on YouTube:
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$26.95 inc. GST
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$26.95 inc. GST
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$26.95 inc. GST
The Halti is positioned well down the dog’s nose giving maximum steerage and control for basic training and all activities with your dog. The particular advantage of Halti is the unique on-off muzzle-closing effect. When a dog attempts to lunge forward, its jaws are closed by the slip ring under the chin. When the dog is relaxed or friendly it can open its mouth normally. The soft material and careful design gives maximum comfort and in many dogs creates an immediate calming effect.
size 0 - toy poodle, yorkie, papillon
size 1 - jack russell, daschund, westie
size 2 - beagle, cocker spaniel, schnauzer
size 3 - boxer, labrador, shepard
size 4 - rottweiler, mastiff, newfoundland
size 5 - st. brenard, great dane, bloodhound