Handling Products

Standard New Zealand manufactured plastic dog whistle, as used by Australasian sheep farmers for many years. Cheap enough to buy six at a time. Works great with a little practise. Lanyard eyelet.
The premium shepherd’s whistle. High quality nickel-silver manufacture. Insert in mouth, and manipulate with tongue. Produces widely varying and easily controlled range of pitches, whistles and commands. Ideal trials whistle.
Get more accurate notes than with a cheap plastic whistle. Still very low cost. Free lanyard eyelet. All stainless steel.

From Genia France. This low-cost device enables you to remain clear of an aggressive dog whilst still retaining good control over it. Lightweight aluminium pole, with rubber grips and plastic-coated steel cable. Keeping tension on the cable loop retains the dog. Release when ready. Pole is 100cm long.