Handling Products

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$10.95 inc. GST
OK, so you can buy cheaper plastic ones. The problem is often they don’t work, and often the pitch is bad. These ACME whistles work, and your dog will respond correctly. Lanyard eyelet incorporated. Bite resistant.
202 171
$44.95 inc. GST
Standard high-pitch (211½) dog whistle with solid tone single frequency sound. Pea-less. ACME quality.
Standard New Zealand manufactured plastic dog whistle, as used by Australasian sheep farmers for many years. Cheap enough to buy six at a time. Works great with a little practise. Lanyard eyelet.
The premium shepherd’s whistle. High quality nickel-silver manufacture. Insert in mouth, and manipulate with tongue. Produces widely varying and easily controlled range of pitches, whistles and commands. Ideal trials whistle.

From Genia France. This low-cost device enables you to remain clear of an aggressive dog whilst still retaining good control over it. Lightweight aluminium pole, with rubber grips and plastic-coated steel cable. Keeping tension on the cable loop retains the dog. Release when ready. Pole is 100cm long.