Nail Clippers

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$12.95 inc. GST
These small nail clippers are very light to handle and feature moulded ‘soft-grip’ rubber handles for an accurate and easy grip. Length 13.5cm o.a.
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$28.95 inc. GST
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$65.95 inc. GST
Both these clippers are high quality. One made in Italy (standard) and one in Germany (quality). Both make clean 'guillotine-style' cuts with stainless steel blades. Both 17cm-long o.a. We suggest vets and professionals choose the 'quality' clipper.
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$19.95 inc. GST
Guillotine-action clippers generally give a quicker and cleaner cut than standard type clippers. They can also be easier to use on a moving pet paw due to the full-circle nature of the cutter. Resco clippers are supplied in a box with instructions for use, and are generally regarded as good quality. Dimension is the guillotine opening diameter.
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$19.95 inc. GST
Good quality stainless steel scissors. Use for small cats and small dogs, where other dog nail clippers are too large. Length 7.5cm o.a.