This small capillary thermometer is especially suitable for small animal rectal use, due to its very thin 3.6mm tip. But we recommend care if used on larger animals, as it can easily be lost or dropped. Range 35°C to 40°C (some practice can be required to read easily). Supplied in plastic holder.
Conventional mercury rectal thermometer, supplied in a sturdy plastic case. This thermometer is of a good size to hold, and has large easy-to-read temperature numbers reading 36°C to 43°C. Length 12cm o.a. Supplied in sturdy plastic case.
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$12.95 inc. GST
Four times faster than ordinary glass thermometers. ‘Beep’ signals when to read temperature. No twisting or squinting to read. Display retains temperature reading. Range 32°C to 44°C. Length 12cm o.a. Supplied in plastic case.