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Giltspur of Ireland have introduced a unique new horse ‘shoe’ that can be used for thin soles, brittle feet and is useful in some cases of laminitis or other hoof issues. Horse-Slips™ comprises a 1.5m-long coil of unique PVC-based flexible moulding that is glued around the perimeter of the hoof, using adhesive such as Equilox or similar (see above - not supplied in kit). The strip is cut to the exact required length, and glued in place. Small - coil 12cm diameter with 20mm sole-edge cover. Use for foals and ponies.

To use Horse-Slips™, cut off the length required and ensure the hoof is well prepared, clean and dry. Fill the moulding cavity with glue and press onto the hoof. Let horse stand quietly for 24 hours. When correctly applied, Horse-Slips™ should remain in place for 4-6 weeks. Once removed, any remaining product or residue should be rasped off. One Horse-Slips™ coil should treat 4 or 5 hooves.