Stable Equipment

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Duratote is a Little Giant product from USA. This smartly designed box combines a handy covered tool and kit box with a 35cm-high stepping stool. The strong stool has a good big footprint to ensure stability, especially useful for grooming your horse, or your truck! The stool then slips over the tools carrier, with the handle popping through the top, so is great to carry, and to store everything cleanly in a dusty stable or similar. Dimension: 51cm L x 41cm W x 35m H. (Will stow bottles up to 32cm tall.)
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Dura-pitch forks are light-weight but very strong polycarbonate, with wood handle. The deep basket design is ideal to get a better load, without fall-off on the sides. Many uses on the farm and around stables. Dimensions are the width x length o.a. of the basket. Dimension in brackets is handle length.
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Great for removing droppings of any housed animals, stock at shows, stalled stock etc. Made of polycarbonate, almost unbreakable. Fork has 16 tines plus special strengthened side tines. Aluminium handle. Weight only 1kg. Dimension is basket width x length o.a. Dimension in brackets is handle length. Made in USA.
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This is a quality fork from Europe, Auboise brand. It features a very durable reinforced-polymer head and aluminium handle with D-grip. The handle length allows for best posture, and the ‘D’ grip gives much better control of load. 16 tines plus strengthened side tines. Dimensions are basket width x length. Dimension in brackets is handle length.
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Use at shows, field days, events, etc. Very lightweight alloy scoop and rake. Scoop dimensions 30cm wide x 17cm high x 32cm long. Rake is 42cm long with galvanised steel blade 17cm wide.
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Handy around farm, block or stables. The plastic scoop has a mouth opening of 31cm, with good depth to hold plenty. The rake head is 20cm wide, strong and lightweight, with scraper on back edge. Handle height 90cm, good for most people. Sold as set.
Shoofly leggings are a patented product from USA. They are for the purpose of preventing attack by bot and other biting flies on horses’ legs. Shoofly leggings do not contain any chemicals. The presence of the leggings deters all fly attacks. The leggings are made of durable plastic mesh, reinforced with vertical plastic stays. They are simply wrapped around the leg and closed with Velcro. There is no discomfort or resistance from the horse wearing them. Horses wearing the leggings do no stomp or kick all the time from fly attacks, thus reducing hoof, joint and muscle fatigue. The leggings allow air circulation, and do not impede horse motion in any way. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colours. Set of 4 leggings only.
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Heavy duty brass snap hooks ideal for equine or any animal use. Ring dimension is internal width of opening for bridle strap or similar. Length is overall. Jaw dimension is maximum jaw opening. These snaps are good quality.
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Very strong bowl suitable for water or other feed or liquid. Wall mount. Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 16cm deep o.a.

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Fresh water always for your horses with this nose-operated water bowl. Big plastic bowl with galvanised steel mounting reinforcement. Brass water nipple with 15mm (½”) water connection. Easy-touch water operation your horse will learn in minutes. Bowl is 24cm x 28cm wide x 9cm deep.
Invented and developed in USA by Mr. Buck Wheeler, the Stableizer is now used by top trainers and breeders around the world to restrain and calm any horse, in particular for vet or other procedures. Testimonials claim that the Stableizer is better than drugs to calm an animal. Ideal for use during veterinary procedures, breaking in, clipping, blood taking, dental work, scoping, shoeing and loading. Users claim the Stableizer creates an endorphin release, and calms the animal. The Stableizer can be used for short or extended times. Use in place of twitches and lip chains.
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A stainless steel blade in a plastic handle. Fine sharp teeth on one edge remove damaged hair quickly and easily, leaving just the clean undercoat. Blade 28cm long.