Tooth Floats

For the simpler equine tooth job our Plain Pack rasps are low cost and adequate for simple tasks. Blades easily replaced. Swivel and fixed-type head assemblies.
217 497
$265.00 inc. GST
217 498
$279.00 inc. GST
Thomsen is a ‘universal-style’ dental float. The head is hinged to float more accurately on upper or lower molars. Blade is tungsten carbide for long life. Concave shape locates better on teeth surfaces. Flat blade available as option. Dimension is shaft length overall, including handle. Parts available. This is a quality tool from USA.
Good quality medium grit tungsten-carbide blade suitable as replacements in Jupiter, Plain Pack (fixed head) and some other rasp handles. Dimensions 81mm x 25mm x 3mm thick.