The Saphir ‘Style’ is an A5-type 7.4v cordless clipper supplied with a 240v-rechargable battery. This will give the clipper about 50 minutes of clipping time. Recharge takes about 45 minutes. The Saphir Style cuts at 2,400 strokes/min. The motor is quiet and powerful. A No.10 A5-style blade is included. A full range of Heiniger A5-style blades are available. The kit includes Heiniger clipper oil and cleaning brush. A good feature is the charging station which will take the clipper inserted whole, or just the battery on its own. This is very convenient, and also allows for recharging of both clipper and a spare battery simultaneously.
The 31F-15 (fine) blade set is supplied standard on all Heiniger clippers. Numbers refer to number of teeth on top and bottom blades (eg 31-15). The 53-23 blade is ideal for freeze branding clipping. The 21-23 blade for tail trimming. These blades also fit most similar clipper brands.

The Heiniger Xperience is the most powerful and robust clipper in the range. It has an ergonomicallyshaped and slim-grip barrel making it effortless to use. The unique aspect of this clipper is the change to a permanent-magnet motor. Even though the  wattage is lower at 200w, the torque and power output is higher - somewhat like the difference between petrol and diesel power. The fan-cooled  motor is extremely quiet at only 70dB. This clipper is smooth and super-reliable with a counter-balanced crank movement to reduce vibration, and thus fatigue on long clipping jobs. The 31F-15 blade supplied gives a close 0.5mm to 1mm finish, ideal for horse clipping. Motor power is 200w running on 240v mains power. Speed is 2,500rpm. Handpiece weight is 1.24kg.

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$1,199.00 inc. GST

The Heiniger 10.8-volt Xplorer cordless is the latest development in cordless clippers. The new Li-Ion battery extends clipping time to 2 hours. This battery also avoids the limiting ‘memory effect’ of older battery types. This clipper is very lightweight and easy to use, and very quiet at just 65dB(A). Advanced gearbox design reduces friction to increase performance. Reinforced fibreglass body. Weight only 990gm.

NB: Xplorer is supplied with two batteries, for continuous clipping.