201 456
$1,699.00 inc. GST
The 505 kit is the most popular Laube clipper, sold worldwide. It features the super-powerful 12v 2-speed 2000/4000 rpm Super Battery Pack, for up to 3 hours clipping on standard speed, or 1 hour on high speed. The Laube 240v Quick Charger (included) gives a new full charge in only one hour! Also supplied is a size 10 A5 blade, extra lever and Laube Pro-Case Grand.
209 752
$1,099.00 inc. GST
We call this our “starter kit”. It has the super efficient high quality Laube handpiece which is the same right up to our highest price kits. It has a 12-volt varispeed 1100 to 4500 rpm motor and a transformer which plugs into a normal 240v outlet. Supplied in a Pro-Case, with spare lever and size 10 A5-style blade. Later on purchase a Laube Cordless Battery Pack and Quick Charger and turn your 513 kit into the most versatile clipper around. Weight is 470gm (without blade). Length 19cm o.a.
201 493
$849.00 inc. GST
This beautifully engineered handpiece uses a hi-tech sealed ball-bearing 12v motor that runs cool and quiet from 1000 to 4000 rpm. It is the most powerful clipper of its kind, and also the quietest and coolest running. It is extremely lightweight and impact resistant. The sealed motor does not blow hair and debris in your face. Laube handpiece technology development means blades stay sharper and last longer than when used on other clippers.
201 543
$599.00 inc. GST
The 2-speed 12v Super Battery Pack is quick-change with no tools required. It will recharge in one hour and will give three hours clipping on standard speed or one hour on high speed. Get a spare battery for non-stop clipping.