Oils & Lubricants

Heiniger non-toxic blade oil is for use on all Heiniger clipping and shearing machines. It reduces friction, lets blades run cooler, reduces clipping time and enhances blade life. Supplied in 100ml resealable applicator bottle, and 500ml refill container.
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$44.95 inc. GST
Blade-X bladewash is specifically developed to clean and deodorise clipper blades. It also displaces moisture to reduce corrosion, and can also be used to cool blades during heavy usage. Contents 1 litre.
215 805
$14.95 inc. GST

This special grease from Oster is for lubrication of the clipper-head gear assembly. The clipper gear-drive cover plate should be removed. Drive parts should be removed and old grease cleaned off. A small amount of fresh grease should be applied, as instructed on the package. Contents 1.25oz (35ml).

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$22.95 inc. GST
From Kerbl, Germany. This spray is ideal to use for first use of new shears, clipper or blades to remove manufacturers protective chemicals which will have dried on the blades. CleanSpray clean effectively, removing all residues of fur, hair and dirt, particularly between upper and lower blades. 400ml aerosol can.
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$32.95 inc. GST
CoolSpray is an all-in-one lubricating, cooling and cleaning spray for all clipping and shearing blades. Most deterioration and loss of edge on clipper blades is caused firstly by heat build-up. Keeping blades cool keeps them sharp longer. CoolSpray also lubricates and disinfects your clipping and shearing blades, also increasing time between sharpening. Handy aerosol can.
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$24.95 inc. GST
From Eikemeyer, Germany. Use for cooling, cleaning, lubricating and disinfection of all types of clipper blades. A top quality aerosol spray at a good price. Contents 400ml.