Doc Brannen

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Doc Brannen’s Final Mist is the final step to ensure a winning entry! Use on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep or goats. Use just before going into the ring for show or sale. Brings out the best in your animal. Big 11oz. (325ml) aerosol can.
Doc Brannen’s Livestock Shampoo is concentrated, so no need to over-do it. The specially formulated ingredients include powerful cleansers, but will not cause skin reactions, or leave any residue to cause dandruff or irritation. Two US quarts (2 litres).
Purple oil is purple. It is used to give your animal a beautiful sheen. Apply with a hand sprayer or rag. After application, rub the hair down with a rag soaked in Purple Oil, and allow 12-24 hours for it to work into the skin. Then shampoo. Repeat for a few days for top results. Later, if touch-ups are needed, use some Final Mist. Two US quarts (2 litres). NB: Will lose colour if stored in sunlight.
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Doc Brannen’s grooming sprays “Black Magic” and “Clear Magic” are used to paint over bad spots. They tame unruly hair, but are not colouring agents. Can be combed while damp or immediately after setting, especially for top-line hold in dairy stock etc. 10oz. (295ml) of magic. Aerosol.
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Doc Brannen’s Tail and Head Adhesive is used where maximum hold is required, such as on tails and heads! Hair can be sprayed, and then formed by hand to the desired appearance, and the excess hair trimmed off. Can also be used to glue in hair as required to cover weak or bald spots. Big 11oz. (325ml) aerosol can.
Doc Brannen’s Grooming Adhesive is for taming hard-to-hold unmanage­able hair on any part of the body. Dries quickly without being tacky. Use for: tail head feathers, poll top-knots, perfect set-ups on tail brush, boning-up legs. Big 14.5oz. (430ml) aerosol can.