Very small push-operated water nipple with 1/8” NPT. Suitable for installation in any square or round metal or plastic pipes (see pipe saddles this page.) Very light action, closed by water pressure only. No spring or O-ring. Length 4cm o.a. All stainless steel.

All stainless steel nipple with incorporated spring clip attachment and water coupling. To install, simply hook attachment clip over a cage wire, and stretch spring down to engage a lower wire. Extremely lightweight nipple for very small animals. Tube spigot is 5.4mm o.d. Nipple can be disassembled by hand for cleaning.
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$22.95 inc. GST
An extremely strong water or food bowl for attachment to any cage wall with the wing-nut-operated clamp that works vertically or horizontally. The bowl is then removed as required for cleaning or filling, by a simple quarter-turn. Suitable for any pets, poultry or small animals. Bowl 12cm diameter. Capacity 550ml.
Nicely made polyethylene cups with built-in cage hooks. Dimension is length of cup. From Little Giant, USA.
These bird water and feed bowls have a lift-up lid for easy filling and cleaning. Cover reduces waste to minimum, and keeps food and water clean. 2-place bowl is 15cm wide and 6cm deep. Capacity 550ml. 3-place bowl is 25cm wide and 8cm deep. Capacity 1 litre.
Wire or cage-hang bowl for water or feed. Inner ‘lip’ to reduce spillage. Available open or divided. Width 16cm, Depth 5cm, Capacity 400ml.
Very simple water and feed bowl for small animals. Bowl features upper edge inner ‘lip’ to reduce feed spillage. Cage hooks incorporated. Width 12cm. Depth 5cm. Capacity 300ml.

Very small push-operated drip nipple with 1/8” NPT thread. Suitable for installation using pipe saddles this page*. Very light action, closed by water pressure only. No spring or O-ring. Length 34mm o.a. Plastic and stainless steel. *Minimum pipe i.d. 20mm.