Cow Lifter Daisy-Lifter

Cow Lifter Daisy-Lifter products

Daisy Lifter Standard (Blue) cpt
210 746
$559.00 inc. GST
Daisy Lifter XLarge (Red) cpt
210 747
$579.00 inc. GST
The Daisy-Lifter cow lifter is designed for medium term support for a down cow. The cow is supported over a large body area, thus reducing pressure points. Fully adjustable to any size animal, and manufactured from long-life materials. The Daisy-Lifter is supplied as a complete kit in a handy carry-bag. The Daisy-Lifter is made in Standard and X-Large models. The Standard model will suit all medium size dairy breeds (up to medium-size holstein). The X-Large model is 20cm longer and wider, and should be used for large-size dairy breeds and larger beef cows. Recommended maximum lift load for the Daisy-Lifter is 1,000kg.
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Cow Lifters Disclaimer

Shoof will not accept any responsibility for damage or failure caused by using these hip clamps by threading the lift ring over a silage fork or similar. The cow lifter must be able to rotate when lifted.

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