Calf Pullers

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The Vink Beef Cattle is an upgraded version of the standard and famous Vink Calving Jack. It is specially constructed of heavy duty stainless steel components to fit larger beef cattle. The main pole is 1.8m long and is a larger tube made of heavier material. The rump frame is enlarged to 57cm width to suit very heavy European breeds such as Charolais etc. The frame is also of stronger materials to prevent any bending, and the traction device features a longer handle for greater power with reduced effort in difficult births. Also the pull is sequential on this model, to reduce birthing trauma with large calves.
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The world-wide best selling calving aid from Europe. Hangs-on to the cow whether she is standing or goes down in the middle of the job. The permanently attached holding frame fits over the cow’s hip bones, acting as a steady and fixed base from which the Calving Jack tilts and pulls regardless of whether the cow stands, sits or stretches out. This calf puller was developed after extensive institutional research into the forces required for the safest and most humane birthing assistance. All stainless steel. Standard pole is 1.6m long and long pole 1.8m long. The long pole will fit all Vink Calving Jacks. Rump frame 51cm wide (inside measurement).
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The HK Standard (previously HK121) calf puller is the world’s original calf puller. Made in Germany, it is 100% reliable. The grooved shaft never slips. The modern, model 2020 traction device, gives smooth pulling power on both foward and backward strokes. Pulling can be either tandem (legs together) or sequential (one after the other) depending on hooks engaged. A thumb-operated quick-release lever is incorporated. An excellent feature is the split-apart 1.7m-long main pole, making for an easy transport on bike or quad. And easy storage. (Disassembled length 85cm o.a.) Supplied with specially-produced ‘padded’ nylon ropes.
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This genuine HK rotating head assembly is a replacement part for a HK Rump Frame (121A) calf puller, or is an upgrade part for a Standard (HK121) HK calf puller to convert it into a Vink-style puller. All stainless steel.
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The HK Rumpframe (previously HK121A) calf puller is made in Germany. Developed from the standard model, with addition of a rotating-style rump frame, ensuring the puller stays in place in all birthing situations. The same long-standing features as the HK Standard, including the very convenient split-apart 1.7m-long shaft, and two padded nylon ropes, and the choice of tandem or sequential pulling. (Disassembled length 86cm o.a.)
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Made in the same style as our famous HK brand pullers. All galvanised or nickel-plated steel. This puller features a 1.6m long ‘threaded’ shaft, which breaks in half for easy transport. Traction assembly with 35cm long handle, for easy use and choice of sequential or tandem pulling points. The head frame is steel, but with well rounded edges to prevent injury, and also incorporating a rump chain to better retain the puller head on the cow. The puller is supplied complete with ropes. This device is reasonable quality at a very good price. Parts available.
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Although this all-stainless and nylon 3-pulley system is useful for many pulling or lifting jobs, one of its popular uses is as a calf puller. Attach the single block to an anchor point not more than two metres from the calf, then using calving chains or ropes on the calf's legs, connect the double-pulley block to the calf. The rope lock and release mechanism on the double-block is then easily and conveniently operated at the same time as checking the birth is progressing correctly. The Fast-Lock pulley system uses 7.2m of 10mm polyrope, and is supplied in a convenient self-draining carry bag. All stainless steel componentry.

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This is made from our strongest road-mat material. It will stand up to any abuse - like being driven over, or thrown in the back of a ute full of calving gear. Ideal for carrying HK-type calf puller, plus chains etc. Zip pocket each end. Big brass dog clips to open and close. Turn inside out and hose down to clean. Dimensions: 90cm-long x 25cm diameter.

Special eye-spliced traction ropes for your calf puller. Make pull-knots to suit calf puller hooks. Eye spliced ends feature multi-layered '''pad''' area to protect ankles of new-born calf. Length 50cm o.a.

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Designed and manufactured by an Australian vet, these straps eliminate the leg damage and trauma to the calf commonly caused by traditional chains and ropes. They are ideal for use on your calf puller, or for manual use using hand-loop ends. The extra rings allow for different pulling lengths. Straps are 75cm long and will not break or wear.
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The Fast-lock pulley system special feature is the simple rope-operated locking mechanism which prevents the rope going backwards. This allows you to take the load in a series of purchases as required. The lock is automatically engaged as the rope is pulled. The componentary is all stainless steel with the pulleys cut from hi-density nylon. The rope is 7.2m of thick and soft 10mm-diameter nylon. Easy on the hands. Suitable for lifts up to 200kg.