Examination Gloves

Ecogan examination gloves are Genia's 'economy' offering. These gloves are rated 'medium' for 'feel' and puncture-resistance. They are intended for single-use applications where low-cost is most important. 25 microns, 100-pack.
Maxogan are Genia's high-protection offering, incorporating full shoulder protection. These gloves are medium for sensitivity and puncture resistance, but are ideal for protecting the user in very wet or dirty conditions such as difficult deliveries. 25 microns, 50-pack.
Progan examination gloves are Genia's mid-level offering. These gloves are rated high for puncture-resistance, whilst giving medium 'feel'. These are ideal for use where multiple examinations may be required and puncture-resistance is important. 30 microns, 100-pack.
Sensigan examination gloves are Genia's top-level offering. These gloves are of the highest quality, with excellent 'feel', whilst still giving good puncture resistance. Ideal for use by vet professionals especially when working in specialist fields such as equine reproduction, etc. The integrated neck strap ensures the glove stays fully in place, even during difficult procedures. 28 microns, 100-pack.
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$9.95 inc. GST
Convenient silicone sleeve ring with 60mm-diameter flange designed to hold your obstetric glove in place and protect clothing from faeces contamination. Arm-hole diameter 85mm.