Calf Drenchers

Developed from Shoof’s famous Speedy Feeder calf feed bottle, this drencher uses a standard and well-proven design rigid drench probe. This gives a useful flow-adjustable stomach feeder. The probe assembly (probe with lid) is available separately to fit your standard Speedy Feeder bottle. (Not suitable for Easy Feeder as cap does not have an air inlet).
NB: Full container must not be carried by probe.
This cap fits a Speedy Drencher, Speedy Feeder or Easy Feeder. Its purpose is for spill-free storage of colostrum in fridge or freezer. There is no teat or air breather holes in this cap, so the milk will stay sealed in.
The Farmhand drenchers are available in two models: rigid probe and flexible probe. The rigid probe drencher allows for one-hand use, whilst the other hand is holding the calf’s head. The flexible probe model allows for easy positioning of the probe without direct encumbrance of the fluid container. In both cases the probe features a tip especially designed to reduce the possibility of malpositioning to the lungs. Container capacity 2 litres.
The Springer-Magrath Calf Drencher is made in USA and has been used extensively in Australia for many years. The flexible bottle can be collapsed to ease delivery of liquid. Flexible probe is 45cm long. Drencher is supplied complete with a suckling teat in its own cap assembly to make this a dual-use feeder. Bottle capacity is 2 litres. Instructions included.
219 448
$32.95 inc. GST
From Jorgensen Laboratories, USA. This drencher is widely used around the world. Flexible bottle is collapsed to deliver liquid directly into the calf’s stomach. Flexible probe 45cm long.
*Nursing teat is not included.
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$65.95 inc. GST
Our Oral Calf Feeder features a flexible zip-top bag with hanging handle at the top. The zip-top allows for easy filling. The 1.2m length o.a. flexible probe incorporates a 40cm rigid shaft with oesophageal positioning knob and on/off clamp. Instructions on bag. Capacity 2.5 litres, marked in 500ml graduations.