Weaning & Weight

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This calf weaner has been most sensibly designed with an easy-to-use wing-nut-secured swinging arm. This gives an opening of 25mm, which is then easily closed up and secured at the required size. Simple. Easiest of all to use. Very reliable and long lasting. Glass-filled nylon. Reusable. Sharp 23mm-long prongs. Width 140mm overall.
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Lightweight all-alloy suckling preventor. Very effective model. Swing arm with wing nut for easy fitting and removal. Width 140mm o.a. Nose opening to 27mm for convenient application.
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For a better quality weaner try the Australian EasyWean. The design incorporates 12 points, 6 forward and 6 outward, for more effective weaning. The bolt head is held securely and a lock washer is incorporated, to ensure accurate tightening and frustration-free removal from nose. Reusable. Width 115mm o.a., depth 75mm (including spines).
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A new product from Canada, the Quiet Wean is a more humane weaner. The manufacturer claims that bawling, and aimless walking of newly-fitted calves, is reduced and time spent eating is increased by 25%. The weaner does not incorporate the usual weaner spikes, allowing the calf to graze, drink, and socialise more normally. Quiet Weans can be removed, washed, and reused. Pack of 25 only. Instructions included.
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The screw adjuster makes easy attachment in, and removal from, the sucker’s nose. Small (70mm) is for calves through to 8 months. Medium (80mm) for 8-24 months. Large (85mm) for cows and bulls. (The dimension is the depth top to bottom.) All these weaners are the same width.
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Calf: especially for Holstein dairy calves from new-born to 280lb (127kg). Available imperial only.
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Perfect pocket-size weight tape. Plastic case with button-operated auto-rewind. Marked for liveweight and carcass weight of pigs. Also liveweights of normal cattle and fat cattle. Tape markings are in German, so for your clarification here: Schweine/Porcs = pigs. Mastvieh Normal = normal condition cattle. Mastvieh Gras = fat cattle. On reverse side of tape is a standard metric measuring tape to 2.5m. Tape case is 7cm diameter.