Bull Rings

219 400
$11.95 inc. GST
219 401
$11.95 inc. GST
219 402
$11.95 inc. GST
Shoof own-brand self-piercing brass bull rings. Thumb-screw type locking pin, broken off when tight, revealing screw-driver slot. Dimensions are o.d. in mm.
NB: Brass rings are harder wearing than copper rings.
Our bronze Pierceasy bull rings come from Wagner USA, where they have been brand leader for many years. Patented Pierceasy system is what it says - safe and easy without applicator tools. Dimensions are o.d. in mm.
Shoof own-brand self-piercing stainless steel bull rings.Longer lasting than copper especially on hard ground. Proven in use. Thumbscrew-type locking pin, broken off when tight, reveals cross-slot for screw driver. Dimensions are o.d. in mm.
213 829
$44.95 inc. GST
The old favourite bull holder you don’t need a degree to work. Supplied with 1.5m of good quality poly-rope. Length 20cm. Stainless steel.
200 916
$34.95 inc. GST
This model features a chain closure, and locking hook, for quick and easy action in all conditions. Chain is 40cm long, with large end-link for attachment of rope (not supplied). Pliers are stainless steel, length 20cm.
200 922
$24.95 inc. GST
Our most popular style of bull holder, being easiest to attach and remove, as well as a compact style. Very reliable. Length 11cm. Width 7cm.
200 923
$35.95 inc. GST
Made in USA by Stone Mfg Co., this is a good quality easy-to-use bull holder (or show lead as it is called in the US). Corrosion-resistant die-cast zinc. We think this one is worth the small extra cost. Dimensions are 12cm long x 8cm wide o.a.
200 927
$55.95 inc. GST
200 926
$129.00 inc. GST
Use to pierce the bull’s nose cartilage prior to insertion of nose ring, making the job more animal friendly, and reducing stress and risk of accidents. We recommend use of the quality version which is of superior manufacture and function. Length: Standard 25cm. Quality 27cm.
200 929
$85.95 inc. GST
This applicator is suitable for our medium size Farmhand bull rings. Quick and easy piercing, closing, and lock-pin insertion, all with ring locked in the applicator. High quality European-manufactured nickel plated tool, 32 cm o.a. length.
200 928
$39.95 inc. GST
Makes ring application quick and easy. This applicator will do rings up to 77mm x 10mm (maximum outside diameters), with or without perimeter locating pin hole. Length 28 cm o.a. This applicator is suitable for all our Hayes and Farmhand bull rings.