This new model from Farmhand is an improvement on other electric cordless debudders. It will debudd about 100 calves per charge, and is supplied complete with all components in a sturdy carry case, Charging time is about 8 hours. The device is supplied with 16mm tip attached. Spare 18mm and 20mm tips are also supplied. (Changing tips requires small tools and some minutes.) To use debudder, switch on. A loud beep, and a series of lights indicates power is on. Then simply press side button to activate. Tip element will be glowing red hot in seconds. Apply directly to horn bud to burn a continuous ring through the outer horn layers of the bud. The light series on the body indicate power left in the battery. The plastic tip cap can be applied over hot or cold tip. Supplied complete with regular 240v charger, and also 12v vehicle charge lead. Instructions included.
NB: This is our fastest-heating and hottest debudder, reaching 700°C in 8 seconds.
210 458
$199.00 inc. GST
This is a quality 240v tool with good power output. Ergonomic grip design. Heat to 570°C operating temperature in 10 minutes. A feature of this debudder is the close proximity of the element to the tip ensuring best maintenance of heat output in all conditions. Tips are of stainless steel for long life. The Kerbl debudder is supplied with a stainless steel stand for resting the device on during heating and between uses.
201 728
$325.00 inc. GST
This German-manufactured 240v tool has significant benefits. 700°C operating temperature. The handle design incorporates a flat top area to give an easy pad for hand pressure, without damaging the cord, and also a wire stand to rest the hot iron on during use.
This SAMS debudder uses a transformer to reduce 240v mains power to a safe and powerful 24v debudding tool. Reaches operating temperature of 580°C in 15 minutes. This tool has been used by some of our large-scale rearer clients and proven to be powerful and reliable in all conditions. It is supplied with a 2m lead to the transformer, and then a 4m heavy-duty power lead to the debudder. This ensures full power is supplied to the debudder in all conditions, even when used with an inverter, generator, or extension lead. We strongly recommend this tool for larger-scale operations wanting the convenience of electric debudding.
Buddex will do 12-15 calves per charge. Press the cold Buddex onto the horn bud. No need even to clip the hair. Pressing down on the horn starts the power. The ceramic NiCr wire element heats instantly to it’s 700°C operating temperature. At about 6 seconds the timer buzzer will sound to remove the Buddex. Total elapsed time about 20 seconds to debud a calf. If run for its full 12-15 calves ability, the Buddex will take about 15 hours (overnight) to recharge. If you wish to do larger numbers in a short time, we suggest you do 10 in the morning, recharge during the day, 10 in the afternoon and recharge fully overnight. Buddex is supplied complete with 240v recharger and 12v lighter plug recharger, and full instructions for use. Parts available.