Knife & Saw

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Dehorning wire has been used for many years for removing mature or semi mature horns. This special wire is made of steel with very fine saw teeth. A short piece is locked into the special handles and then simply used as a saw around the horn base, as close to the skull as possible. Change wire after 2 or 3 horns. Use hot iron or Dehorning Packing to stop bleeding. Allow animal to stand quietly afterwards. Do not mix immediately with other stock. (Also useful for de-tusking boars.)
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This 50cm long, all stainless steel bridle, can be used with dehorning wire handles (as below), or other convenient handle. This accomplishes a quick and efficient dehorning job on larger horns, but be sure to follow all usual dehorning rules and staunch bleeding. (Rings 9.6mm i.d.)
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Developed in Australia especially for use in remote situations. ‘The Knife’ can be used on calves up to three months. It is the most convenient dehorner tool to carry and use. Secure the calf completely, then using the two-handed grip shown above, cut away from the ear, either side, taking a ring of about 1cm of hair off with the horn bud. The horn will not regrow. The Knife is also useful for trimming off horn tissue after use of larger dehorner tools. Clean thoroughly after use. Length 26cm o.a.

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High quality curved saw ideal for fast and clean dehorning of any livestock. Made from Japanese SK4 Samurai sword steel with hard-chrome finish. Non-slip TPR grip.Hardened Tiger Tooth tri-edge fast-cut teeth leave cleanest possibly cut for least trauma. Blade length 32cm. Use only under veterinary supervision.