Drench Containers

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$39.95 inc. GST

Top filler cap with air inlet. Bottom outlet with dual-tube spigot. An outlet sealing cap is supplied with each back pack to be used for safe transport without emptying the pack of its contents. Outlet cap fits tubes 6.4mm and 9.5mm i.d. Replacements available. (Delivery tube is not supplied.)

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$55.00 inc. GST
2.5 litre Drench Container, made by Henke. Much lighter and more comfortable to wear than 5 litre packs, when you don’t need 5 litres volume. Complete with snap-hook adjustable straps, security stop-cap, and funnel for easy filling. Container collapses as drench is used. Delivery tube is not supplied.
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$31.95 inc. GST
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$35.95 inc. GST
Simcro rigid back-pack drench containers are moulded in high-density polyethylene to withstand heavy-duty use. They can stand on their base to fill, and are then used in an inverted position for gravity feed. A duckbill valve in the red outlet cap allows air inlet. This cap has a dual spigot to suit 6.4mm or 9.5mm delivery tube. Black storage cap, and back-pack straps are supplied (in the pack wall cavity).