Well known high quality Japanese-manufactured ‘Doctor’ brand. Reusable stainless steel needles in chromed-brass Luer-lock hub. Plastic pack of 12 needles. NB: Higher gauge number is thinner needle.
**Special short needles.
We chose these ‘economy’ stainless needles after trialling many brands from Asia. We are happy to promote these as ‘perfectly good needles’ at a very reasonable price. We guaranty you will be happy with them.
210 277
$48.95 inc. GST
210 279
$31.95 inc. GST
Sterimatic is a UK-invented and patented system that prevents needle-stick injuries during vaccination jobs and reduces injection-site infections and abscesses. The system also reduces the potential of disease transmission from one animal to another. The Sterimatic system comprises a retractable sleeve which is fitted over the vaccinator needle and a disinfectant-impregnated quick-change Stericap which is placed on the end of the sleeve. The sleeve covers the needle completely, preventing accidental needle-stick injuries to the user. Each time the vaccinator is used, the Sterimatic sleeve slides back drawing the disinfectant-impregnated Stericap over the needle. In this way, the needle is sanitised each time it is used. A new stericap should be fitted after 100 injections. Sterimatic will fit all popular models of vaccinator.
The Sterimatic Kit comprises one sleeve assembly plus five stericaps and five needles. The needles are 1” x 18g (although in the Sterimatic the needle is effectively ½”). The Stericaps 5-pack comprises five disinfectant caps plus five needles.
Fine-Ject are high-quality German-made needles from the company Henke-Sass Wolf (HSW) Tuttlingen, Germany. (Higher gauge number is thinner needle). Individual sterile protective pack. Box of 100 needles.
205 677
$13.95 inc. GST
205 676
$24.95 inc. GST
Regulations for Operation of Farm Dairies state: Used needles should be placed into a sharps container for appropriate disposal. These containers are designed for safe disposal of all sharp and contaminated materials. Their design inherently prevents access or accidental loss of contents.
NB: Shoof does not offer or accept in any way responsibility for sharps disposal.
**small container is 100mm x 100mm x 200mm high
large container is 250mm x 170mm x 200mm high.
220 351
$15.95 inc. GST
220 352
$16.95 inc. GST
220 353
$17.95 inc. GST
Unbreakable, non-distorting, reusable, acrylic-glass syringes that will stand up to all manner of farm use. Can be sterilised in boiling water. Luer-lock coupling. Graduation marks are engraved so are permanent. Decent fingergrips for large hands on cold mornings.
This quality high-flow set is from Jorgensen Laboratories, USA. Latex set with extended air-bleed for best flow. Supplied complete with 14g x 1½” needle. Length 1.3m o.a. can be autoclaved.
204 755
$62.95 inc. GST
Special needle for direct injection through the hide into the rumen of cattle. Can be used either fitted to a length of 4mm i.d. tubing, or direct-connected to any Luer-slip syringe. (See Dairy section for instructions for use with bloat remedy.) Length 16cm x 4mm o.d.
Longer needle for intravenous use. Plastic hub.Individual sterile pack.
Monoject milk fever needle in individual sterile recloseable pack. Quality stainless steel with alloy hub. Needle size 14g x 2”.
NB: 2.5” needle is an alternate quality Japanese brand.
Well known and well proven Terumo branded needles suitable for veterinary use. Boxes of 100 needles individually sterile packed.