Rumen Drenchers

The Farmhand rumen-drenching system comprises of a large double-acting chromed-brass pump with a brass quick-coupling connection onto 1.8m of reinforced PVC delivery hose. This hose then uses another brass quick-coupling connector onto the main heavily-reinforced, flexible, 1.8m rumen tube. The rumen tube has a smooth and heavy end-bolus to take the tube to the bottom of the rumen. At the top of the rumen tube there is a nose clamp. This is attached into the cows nose as the tube is fully inserted down into the rumen. (Air should be expelled from the delivery tube.)
The pump is stood into the bucket of drench - up to 40 litres. Each up-and-down cycle of the pump sends 600ml into the tubes. The pump is easily dismantled without tools, for cleaning or maintenance. The pump is 59cm tall overall, with a 52cm barrel diameter.
Chromed-brass pump can be used for administration of large volume oral remedies, or for other volume-pumping requirements. A continuous flow is achieved as the device pumps on both upward and downward strokes. The castellated foot device prevents suctioning to container bottom, and also has a nipple suitable for connection of a 10mm suction tube. Dimension is overall height of pump. Barrel is outside diameter. Stroke volume is each cycle - up and down.
NB: The 65cm pump is supplied with both a Xmas-tree and a quick-fit coupling. The quick-fit is compatible with our previous model Bovivet drench tube coupling, or any regular garden-type fitting.

The tubing assembly consists of 3.5m of 19mm o.d. polyurethane tube. Polyurethane has a very smooth surface for minimum irritation of the cow’s oesophagus. It also withstands all cleaning chemicals and is more rigid than PVC for better ease of entry. The rumen end of the tube has a fitting for attachment of one of the two supplied weighted end-caps. One cap is 30mm dia (for young stock) and one 40mm dia (for mature stock). At the top end the tube feeds through a strong plastic tubular gag which has a nose clamp and tie cord for securing firmly to the cow’s nose and jaws. At the top end of the tube is a quick-coupling to attach the Bovivet Rumen Drench Pump. The pump is 56cm long o.a. and delivers 650ml per cycle. It is easily dismantled without tools for maintenance.