Drench Guns

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The Ezepak Drench System has been developed to make drenching jobs easier. Instead of a hard cold pack of drench on your back all day, the Ezepak System incorporates the drench container into a comfortable air-mesh padded, non-sweating modern-style back pack. Everything has been thought of with Ezepak. The drench gun can be passed through the pack without disconnecting from the drench container, making for easy and clean refilling. The System pack is equally suitable for top or bottom outlet drench containers in all sizes up to 5 litres. The pack features retainer tabs for securing the drench hose to prevent it getting caught up on animals or posts. The waist-belt drench gun holster leaves you hands free at anytime.
NB: A drench container or gun is not supplied with the Ezepak Drench System.
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These extra-large manually refilled drench guns are most useful for large-volume dosing jobs, bloat treatment, obstetric lubricant, etc. Suck volume directly from container, and squeeze the trigger out. No tubes or back-pack to mess around with and clean. No valves to block or lose. A very useful tool on any farm. Supplied with Genia silicone oil.
Note: These large-volume drench guns are not suitable for viscous liquids. See our Drench Gun Large Bore for that use.
Single-dose manual-refill drench guns made from engineering-grade plastics. The hinge action makes them easy to operate. Dose volume is adjusted with the threaded ring. Clear plastic barrel. No valves or tubes to worry about. Just give it a few squirts in soapy warm water to clean. Parts available.
Good quality drench gun manufactured in engineering grade plastic and supplied complete with silicone delivery tube. Hinge action ensures smooth and easy operation. Easy dose volume adjustment with large threaded back-ring. Clear barrel. Wash in soapy water.
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Based on our usual Genia drench guns, this gun has been especially modified for the administration of viscous drench liquids. It is a single-shot ‘manual-fill’ drench gun, featuring a more powerful suction mechanism, and a large-bore nozzle. Capacity 250ml.
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Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world’s biggest selling drench guns. Beautifully engineered in die-cast metal with high quality baked enamel finish. The P.E.T. barrel has permanent engraved markings. Easy and accurate dose adjustment control. The Drench-matic also features a patented anti-block valve system, and drip-less nozzle, for accurate trouble free drenching. Supplied complete with 1.2m of reinforced delivery tube and full parts list. This will be the nicest drench gun you will ever own. It is suitable for all drenches, but if used with magnesium and zinc preparations it must be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use. Spares kit available (see separate entry).
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Like all applicators in their range, Simcro drench guns are manufactured from high-grade engineering plastics which are generally more durable than metal. The variable dose adjustment is fully adjustable, and features rotation resistance to eliminate accidental adjustment of doseage. The polypropylene barrel is stronger than polycarbonate barrels and is more resistant to a greater range of animal-health remedies. The gun valves are large-diameter free flow, to make easier discharge and refill of viscous liquids. The nozzle valve is easily removed for cleaning, and the valve components are substantial enough to be unlikely to be lost. Drench nozzles are: 15ml and 30ml - 10cm x 8mm for sheep and calves; 60ml - 15cm x 8mm for cattle. The drench nozzle locks in place at the desired angle.
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Top filler cap with air inlet. Bottom outlet with dual-tube spigot. An outlet sealing cap is supplied with each back pack to be used for safe transport without emptying the pack of its contents. Replacement outlet cap available: 6.4mm/9.5mm dual-spigot. (Delivery tube is not supplied.)
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The Simcro drench hook is supplied complete with 1.5m of 9.5mm delivery tube plus two armour springs to cover the spigot points. Also included is the nozzle cap and delivery spigot for the relevant drench gun. The hook is made from heavy duty stainless steel tube to stand up to hard use in all conditions.
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Simcro drench nozzles are available as replacements or accessories. The lamb and sheep calf nozzles will fit 15ml or 30ml applicators, and the cattle nozzle will fit only the 60ml applicator.
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The Simcro Utility Pack is ideal for the small block or lifestyle farmer. It gives the whole range of delivery systems in one applicator pack. The applicator is a standard variable-dose 15ml V-grip unit, supplied with 6-stripe T-bar, standard pour-on, fan-spray plus special 7cm lamb drenching nozzles. Also included is 1.2m of 6.4mm i.d. delivery tube.
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Genuine Genia quality silicone oil lubricant for Genia (or other) drench guns or auto vaccinators. Contents 10ml.