207 293
$79.95 inc. GST

For the treatment of internal parasite infection due to abamectin-sensitive strains of gastointestinal round worms and lung-worm in sheep, including benzimidazole and levamisole-resistant strains.
Dosage: 1ml Abamectin per 4kg bodyweight - refer to label.
Withholding Period: Do not use less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.

207 299
$99.95 inc. GST

A sustained-action oral anthelmintic and flukacide for sheep and lambs. Controls barber’s pole worm, liver fluke and nasal bot.
Dosage: Sheep and lambs dose at 1ml per 5kg body weight as an oral drench.
Withholding Period: Do not administer less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

219 083
$34.95 inc. GST

Australian 20kg salt and mineral lick-blocks are generally about 24cm x 24cm, so these will fit nicely in our blockholders from Little Giant, USA. The floor of the Block Holder is above ground level, and has holes for drainage, thus increasing block life. This is a durable product.

Ideal feeder/saver for smaller salt and mineral blocks. Especially suitable for sheep and goats. Easily mounted on a wall or rail where it will not be pushed around or trampled. Tough impact-resistant plastic. UV safe. (Mount screws not included).
The 24-hour unit is more suited to dry stock such as beef animals, where water intake is more concentrated in the morning and daytime. This dispenser is best used in the morning when its inherent design ensures a steady intake of remedy by the animal over its 24 hour drinking period.
205 014
$399.00 inc. GST
The multi-purpose Peta dispenser can be used for liquids or dissolved salts and solids. That is, it can be used as a 24-hour bloat dispenser, and also as a zinc (non-facial-eczema mineral supplements) and other elements dispenser.
The multi-purpose dispenser can be used for liquids or dissolved salts and solids. That means it can be used for bloat, or mineral supplements, etc. The 48-hours dispenser means fewer trips to the trough which is especially helpful for dry-stock or run-off use. The Bead-Jet technology provides constant dilution of mineral or additive over a 48hr period. The trough water is still left at working strength on the 3rd day. This means in many cases re-loading of the dispenser is not required until the morning of the 4th day. Full instructions supplied.
207 322
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207 325
$139.00 inc. GST
For the control of levamisole-sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms, and lungworms, including those which are resistant to benzimidazoles, in sheep and cattle.
Dosage: Sheep approx 1ml per 4kg of body weight. Cattle 10ml per 45kg of body weight. Refer to product label for exact rates. Administer as an oral drench.
Withholding Period: Do not apply less than 3 days before slaughter for human consumption.
220 281
$65.95 inc. GST
This device can be hung on any suitable rail. It will take salt or mineral blocks up to 20kg, or any loose mineral or feed mix as required. The high sides prevent wastage, or the block being pushed out of the feeder. Animals can only lick the block - rather than chew lumps off the corners, reducing waste. Made of tough polyethylene. From Little Giant, USA.