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Especially suitable for the large dairy, this Hoofmat is made of extra-heavy-duty materials. It also has a larger volume to hold more hoof treatment liquid. As well as the extra liquid capacity, the extra width ensures cows do not avoid the mat in the dairy entrance. The outer fabric is of much heavier construction, and is expected to last for up to one million cow-passes, depending entirely on placement and circumstances of use. We particularly recommend the Super Dairy Hoofmat for larger dairy herds, or in dairies with chronic lameness problems requiring continuous use of a Hoofmat. Liquid capacity up to 50 litres. Dimensions are 1.9m long x 1m wide x 3cm thick.
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The Hoofmat “Premium” uses 30mm foam encased in a premium-quality outer fabric. For successful treatment place the mat or mats (herringbone dairies will require two of) in the entrance to the milking platform. Fill the mats with the remedy of your choice (see below), using a bucket or watering-can, then simply top-up as required during milking. By placing the mat at the entrance to the milking area, cows have their feet treated before standing quietly being milked. This is one of the most significant reasons why Hoofmat treatment is so much more effective than usual footbath type treatments. After milking, simply hang Hoofmat over a wood rail and hose off. (Note: Remedy residues may affect galvanised rails).
The Premium Hoofmat is 1.8m long x 0.9m wide with 30mm of foam core. It will hold approximately 35 litres of remedy, which should treat about 80 cows passing over. Top up as required during milking.
Remedies: Any remedy used in a footbath can be used more effectively and economically in a Hoofmat. This could be formalin, copper-sulphate or a patent remedy. Our standard recommendation, for simplicity and economy, is copper-sulphate powder or granules mixed 2% (by weight) with water. But we especially recommend Intracare “Hoof-fit” material, as it is not harmful to the environment as copper-sulfate is. (See these pages.)
One of the great benefits of changing from a footbath to Hoofmat for lameness treatment and prevention, is the great reduction in highly toxic treatment remedies such as formalin and copper-sulphate entering into drainage systems and the environment.
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This is a big heavy-duty foot bath which is usually placed in the exit race of the dairy shed, but can also be used in any raceway for treating feet of non-dairy livestock. The bath floor has special ridges which serve to spread the hoof claws as the animal walks on it, ensuring treatment solution flows fully into the interdigital cavity. The whole foot bath is heavily constructed (weight 20kg) and is self supporting. Just place on floor or ground, fill with required treatment solution and use. External dimensions are 1.96m long x 93cm wide x 16cm deep. Internal dimensions are 1.77m long x 0.77cm wide x 15cm deep. Liquid capacity up to 200 litres maximum. Not suitable for use with a Hoofmat inside.

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The big advantage with our modular foot bath is that it can be linked together with another one to create a dual-treatment bath. The first bath can be filled with water to clean the hooves, and the second bath with treatment solution. The linkage system is secure, but easily detached for cleaning. The floor of the bath has a pattern of ‘nubs’. These have the effect of spreading the claws of the hoof creating better cleaning (in the first bath) and ensuring better treatment (in the second). The bath can equally well be used as a ‘single’ treatment bath. External dimensions are 205cm long x 81cm wide x 17cm deep. Nominal capacity is 200 litres. The wall is volume marked.