Sundry Tools

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$29.95 inc. GST
Specially manufactured for Shoof International Ltd., Vet-Rope is soft and safe. Made out of 24mm-diameter marine-grade polyester, it flattens out when wrapped around a limb. Will not cut, burn or chafe. Will not rot. Gets better with every wash (cold wash only). Regular 2.5m or new longer 2.8m (following requests). Each with eye splice one end.
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This is made especially for northern hemisphere dairymen who need to lift a cow’s leg inside a barn. The sling is attached at the hock, and does not chafe or cut the leg whilst being lifted with normal rope tackle etc. Length 60cm (24 inches) o.a. Two eye splices. Many other uses around the farm.
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New and improved shape.

The Shoof Walkease hoof rasp uses the same blade and cutting action as well-known wood working rasps. Blade is 40mm x 60mm, mounted in a plastic handle. A very useful tool for finishing the hoof prior to application of Walkease. Length 18cm o.a.

Procedure for use is:
1. Treat the damaged claw as required.
2. Use the rasp to clean and level the healthy claw.
3. Apply glue sparingly to the walkease block (maximum 2ml).
4. Press the block onto the hoof for about 10 seconds.
5. Immediately release the leg for the cow to put weight on the Walkease. (This part is most important)

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A handy template tool to use when hoof trimming dairy hooves to try to achieve the optimal natural hoof shape.
1. To check correct sole to hoof wall angle.
2. To check correct toe length.
3. To check claw depth.
4. To check correct plane of soles.
Instructions are included with the Claw Checker.