Trimmers & Pliers

214 480
$229.00 inc. GST
The ideal hoof trimmer for equine or cattle use, as it can effectively be used with one hand for “nibbling” the hoof, using the narrowed portion of the handles, or for cutting through harder material using two hands on the outer handles. Double-action cutting ease. All stainless steel manufacture. Length 35cm o.a. Weight 1.1 kg.
203 637
$44.95 inc. GST
Essential tool for successful hoof work. Use to squeeze the hoof to find the source of pain, instead of digging everywhere. Stainless steel. Length 33cm.
This is a standard-quality hoof trimmer. Even though it looks very much like our Quality Aesculap tool, it is not very nicely finished, and it does not operate so nicely. But it is the best value we can get at this price. Length 40cm. Weight 2.3kg. Blades can be removed for sharpening, but replacements are not available.
This is our top-quality hoof trimmer, made in Europe. Smooth double-action compound joint to cut through the toughest hoof with ease. Blades easily sharpened or replaced. Will last a lifetime if you don’t lend it! Replacement blades and screws set available. Length 42cm. Weight 2.3kg.
NB: Replacement blades are only suitable for this model hoof trimmer.
207 818
$179.00 inc. GST
A different style of hoof trimmer, very useful for trimming toes and overgrown hoof material. Double action leverage makes this tool very easy to use. Length 60cm o.a.