Thick tattoo paste in a tube for easy handling and application. Green is best colour for clear tattoos on any colour animal, and especially dogs with dark skin.
206 662
$13.95 inc. GST
206 664
$17.95 inc. GST
Black and green thick tattoo paste made in Germany by Raidex. Excellent quality at a good price. Green ink is recommended for use on darker coloured skin.
206 643
$17.95 inc. GST
206 644
$24.95 inc. GST
With this sort of applicator it is possible, but not guaranteed, to keep your thumb clean. Liquid ink available black or green. Same mark quality as paste ink. We recommend using green ink where skin is darker coloured. Contents 2oz (56gm).
206 642
$21.95 inc. GST
210 556
$31.95 inc. GST
Made by Stone Manufacturing Co., U.S.A, makers of high quality tattoo equipment. Packed in a plastic pot. (There is no applicator in this pot). Green ink is recommended where skin is darker colour. Contents 3oz (85gm).