Ear Tattoos

206 468
$15.95 inc. GST
206 469
$15.95 inc. GST
206 470
$15.95 inc. GST

A 3/8” tattoo digit is suitable for all animals, sheep or cattle. It produces a digit 10mm tall. Six and 8 place pliers have digits in two rows of 3 and 4 places. For 6 and 8 place special blocks, order two x 3 or 4 place blocks. To identify if your tattoo plier is Short Pin or Long Pin, look for an ‘S’ or an ‘L’ stamped on the inside of one handle.

New from Shoof. These digits are regular ³/8”. Sold in 0-9 and A-Z sets only. Needle points, nylon base. Good value.

206 506
$15.95 inc. GST
206 507
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206 508
$15.95 inc. GST

A 5/8” tattoo digit is suitable for cattle and other large animals. It produces a digit 16mm tall. 5/8” digit pliers are supplied single row only. 

NB: To order single digits, specify: “Tattoo Digit 5/8” number/letter...........”

Hayes tattoo pliers have double-action leverage. This ensures good penetration of pins, essential for good tattoo quality, without physical strain. Digits are located in individual recesses. The 10-place plier is unique, using two rows of 5 digits, enabling both ownership and herd-number identification, in one application. All-stainless steel tools.
**Blank is required in the 10-space plier only, to prevent digits mislocating.
Thick tattoo paste in a tube for easy handling and application. Green is best colour for clear tattoos on any colour animal, and especially dogs with dark skin.
Specially developed by Stone Manufacturing Co, this tattoo outfit features the smallest-available 5mm (3/16”) digits. These are the correct size for marking piglets under one week old, or new-born pups, etc. Four digits cover 22mm and six digits cover 32mm width.
** 6-space available on indent order only.
206 661
$179.00 inc. GST
Same widely used tattoo as the Standard Outfit, but without ear release. Holds 4 of standard 3/8” (10mm) digits in 2” (50mm) space. Supplied in a sturdy box complete with 3oz black ink and set of 0-9 digits.
206 660
$189.00 inc. GST
This is the most popular tattoo outfit, used by breed associations world wide. Holds 4 of the standard 3/8” (10mm) digits in a 2” (50mm) space. Ear release. Supplied in a sturdy box complete with 3oz black ink, and set of 0-9 digits.
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206 548
$14.95 inc. GST

A Moulded digit is suitable for all animals, sheep and cattle. It produces a tattoo 10mm tall. 

NB: To order single digits, specify: “Tattoo Digit Moulded number/letter.........”

206 642
$17.95 inc. GST
210 556
$26.95 inc. GST
Made by Stone Manufacturing Co., U.S.A, makers of high quality tattoo equipment. Packed in a plastic pot. (There is no applicator in this pot). Green ink is recommended where skin is darker colour. Contents 3oz (85gm).
Stone digits are available in sets of 0-9, sets A-Z and as individual single digits 0-9 or A-Z. *Must specify digit letter or number required.